With a belief that Amgen could be instrumental in providing professional development for teachers and ultimately improving science education for students, former staff members Bruce Wallace, Steve Elliot, and others at the company put out a call for biology teachers interested in a summer intern program.


Intrigued, Hugh Nelson, a high school biology teacher in Thousand Oaks, California, responded to their invitation. Nelson set about learning the procedures Amgen uses to develop biologics, and, also seeing the potential benefit for students, then worked with an Amgen scientist to fine-tune a series of labs for high school students. Amgen agreed to provide equipment and chemicals to teach the lab procedures in area high schools.


See what the Amgen Biotech Experience labs look like today.


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Amgen issues a call to local science teachers and Newbury Park High School teacher Hugh Nelson is selected to participate in Amgen’s first Teacher Internship program.