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Amgen Foundation

The Amgen Foundation seeks to advance excellence in science education to inspire the next generation of innovators, and invest in strengthening communities where Amgen staff members live and work. To date, the Foundation has donated over $250 million in grants to local, regional, and international nonprofit organizations that impact society in inspiring and innovative ways. For more information, visit www.amgen.com/citizenship/foundation.html and follow us on www.twitter.com/amgenfoundation.

The Foundation places a strong emphasis on strengthening science education and is committed to investing in meaningful, evidence-based initiatives that make a difference at the local, national, and international levels. To that end, the Amgen Foundation has contributed over $125 million to advancing science education programming globally. Learn more about the Foundation's commitment to the scientists of tomorrow at http://www.amgeninspires.com/.

AmgenAmgen Biotech Experience is an international program funded by the Amgen Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)