What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Mary Simun, Science Teacher, Redondo Union High School, California (USA)


Each time she rolls out the Amgen Biotech Experience for her Redondo Union High School biology students, Mary sees a total transformation in their excitement about science. "It’s phenomenal," Simun says. "Almost everything we teach in school is a history lesson. The Amgen Biotech Experience program is modern, current, and cutting edge. Micropipetters, gel electrophoresis – students love it. They’re exposed to a career field they can really get interested in."

It certainly inspired one of Simun’s more troubled students – one who, before the lab, was failing almost every subject. "The other day, she told me that she wants to be a nurse," Simun says with great pride. "That’s an impact that you cannot measure. This program is incredibly powerful."

ABE Stories - Alumni

Headshot for Angeline Marcks
Warwick, Rhode Island
The hands-on components of ABE were much better than what was offered in other science courses I had taken. They are really what turned me on to science as a potential career.
Headshot for Henry Chou
South San Francisco, California
Science is not about textbooks, it’s not about testing. It’s something in everyday life.
Headshot for Kimberly Piper
Chelmsford, Massachusetts
I definitely felt special participating in the ABE labs. It was a lot better getting to use equipment you only read about in other classes…because of ABE we actually got to try it out!
Headshot for Melissa Lurie
Thousand Oaks, California
ABE may open the eyes of someone who doesn’t think science is fun or think science is for them. It could spark something in them.
Headshot for Randall Chin
Los Angeles, California
ABE was my only encounter with hands-on activities in science class which allowed me to actually experience the science and personally relate to the lessons.

ABE Stories - Teachers

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Even my students who struggle most academically realize they love using a pipette
Headshot of Christine Martin
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Some of the lab equipment my students use, I didn’t use till my third year at university! The kids absolutely love it!
Brockton, Massachusetts, USA
For [students], biology is not static; it is much more creative and expressive.
Headshot for Howard Goldsweig
Dorchester, MA
ABE provides a great, understandable, teacher introduction to biotech using the latest techniques.
Headshot for Huw Williams
Cambridge, United Kingdom
ABE enables teachers to have their ‘own experience’ including reflections and understandings.
Rhode Island, USA
For me as a kid, science was always someone in a lab coat with glasses on doing experiments. I had no idea there were so many different opportunities in the realm of science.
Definitely a golden opportunity not to be missed.
Headshot for Monica Barsever
Sierra Madre, California
This lab changes their whole attitude of whether or not they’re the ‘type’ of person who can do science. And for young girls, that’s huge.
Brentwood, California
Had we not found ABE, biotechnology would be gone in our district. There’s just not enough funding to go around.
Headshot for Wendy Wooten
Reseda, California
ABE gives students the confidence that they belong in science.
Headshot for Winnie Litten
Oak Park, CA USA
You might just light a fire in a student that didn’t think they could do science before, and that kid could solve a problem that we desperately need an answer to. That’s pretty powerful.