Curriculum Resources

The curriculum resources listed here support the Amgen Biotech Experience. Resources are provided in partnership with WGBH, PBS LearningMedia, Alan Marnett, and BenchFly.

Amgen: Genetic Insights Fuel Alzheimer's BACE Race

Visit for a discussion on a collaboration by Amgen and Novartis to find... Read more

Amgen: The New Genetics

Visit for an overview of how Amgen is using genetics to... Read more

Amgen: The Shape of Drugs to Come

Visit for highlights on the ever-expanding toolkit of new drug... Read more

Animal Cloning 101
2009 WGBH Educational Foundation
Associate Scientist Andres Berrio
2009 WGBH Educational Foundation
Bacterial Transformation and Selection
Khan Academy

The next steps in DNA cloning are bacterial transformation and selection. Once we have the recombinant DNA with your gene of interest, it is inserted into bacteria (transformation) and those bacteria that... Read more

Biotechnology Institute
Careers In Biotechnology
2009 WGBH Educational Foundation
Central Dogma and the Genetic Code
Khan Academy

The ABE program allows you to explore the central dogma—how DNA codes for proteins which are responsible for traits. With these resources, you can further explore the molecular processes involved in gene... Read more


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