Impact & Stories

  • 20%

    Students made a significant and substantial 20% gain in biotech learning

  • 80%+

    Over 80% of teachers reported greater interest, knowledge, and skills from their ABE training.

  • ~45%

    U.S. ABE schools that are serving low SES students.

See the 2013–2017 ABE Evaluation Report

Watch tomorrow's biotechnologists discuss their thoughts of the ABE program:

ABE Impact and Career Pathways Stories

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Amgen Massachusetts
While organic chemistry is a college course feared by some, for Krista Dong, it was a revelation. “It wasn’t until my first semester of organic...
Amgen Thousand Oaks
Marco Cyrille has had many mentors in his life, but one especially stands out. When he was 19 years old attending Queens College CUNY, he met a...
Amgen Tampa
Shalini Nemani spent much of her youth struggling to fit in. A first-generation immigrant who moved from India to the United States at the end of...
Total Student Participation
Teacher Participation for 2019-20 School Year