Impact & Stories

  • 20%

    Students made a significant and substantial 20% gain in biotech learning

  • 80%+

    Over 80% of teachers reported greater interest, knowledge, and skills from their ABE training.

  • ~45%

    U.S. ABE schools that are serving low SES students.

See the 2013–2017 ABE Evaluation Report

Watch tomorrow's biotechnologists discuss their thoughts of the ABE program:

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Amgen Ireland
Early in the COVID-19 pandemic as the demand for diagnostic testing rose, news was widespread about critical shortages of the reagents required for...
ABE Greater Los Angeles Area
Sherry Tsai’s scientific path began in high school with her chemistry teacher, Cassandra Whitsett. “Not only did she do a fantastic job teaching me...
Amgen Puerto Rico
Genesis Correa grew up in a small town in the southeastern part of Puerto Rico named Patillas. While she was interested in science from a young age,...
Amgen Singapore
For Yusdy Pan, the path to his work in biotechnology has not always been easy. Growing up in Indonesia with limited financial resources, it took grit...
United States
Elgin Yalin is working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As part of a CDC field services team,...
Brockton High School
Brockton, Massachusetts, USA
Right before the end-of-the-year holiday break, Ann-Marie Butler welcomed some visitors into her biotech classroom at Brockton High School who would...
Total Student Participation
Teacher Participation for 2018-19 School Year