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The Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) offers lab-based, classroom-based (non-lab), and Web-based investigations in biotechnology, and provides professional learning opportunities and resources to support teachers and students in the use of ABE materials.

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New Arrivals

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Lab-based Investigations

Learn more about these labs designed to introduce students to biotech techniques and concepts through recombinant DNA technology.

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Classroom-based Investigations

Find hands-on activities for students to explore biology and biotechnology content in the classroom.

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Professional Learning & Upcoming Events

Professional learning resources and events on ABE and STEM topics for teachers.

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Career Connections

Hear from scientific professionals who share how they became interested in science and describe their different paths to biotech.

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Teacher-Developed Materials

Explore biology and biotechnology curricula and resources developed by ABE Master Teacher Fellows (MTFs).

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Resources for Students


LabXchange is a free platform for students to explore the world of biotechnology with virtual labs, videos, narratives from scientists and more.


ABE Student Videos

A collection of videos highlighting careers and topics related to biotechnology.




An opportunity for undergraduates to conduct hands-on research in the lab alongside top faculty, participate in seminars and networking events, and take part in symposia with peers and leading scientists.

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Khan Academy produces short lessons in the form of videos, including numerous videos that supplement the ABE labs.

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