Meet the Program Office Leadership Team

The Program Office serves as the administrative home for the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE), providing technical assistance, developing resources, and supporting program sites and participating teachers. The Program Office manages communications and outreach and works alongside the Amgen Foundation to advance the ABE program.

The ABE Program Office is based at Education Development Center (EDC), a global nonprofit organization located outside Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more at For general inquiries about ABE, email For implementation support and lab technician troubleshooting, email

Rebecca Lewis

ABE Program Office Director

Rebecca provides leadership for the ABE Program Office, overseeing all aspects of the program and managing Program Office staff. She also manages program expansion and partner relationships.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Leadership and management
  • Partner relations
  • Program expansion

Jessica Juliuson

ABE Director of Community and Strategy

Jessica engages program sites and teachers in a global community of practice to innovate, improve, and sustain the ABE program. She supports the Program Office and program sites to collaborate in order to maximize resources, people, and ideas to improve outcomes for all ABE students.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Management of ABE communities of practice
  • Planning and facilitation of program meetings and cross-network events
  • Strategic planning and capacity building

Sophia Mansori

ABE Evaluation Director

Sophia leads evaluation for the ABE program, supporting the Program Office and sites in documenting, understanding, and communicating the impact of ABE on teachers and students.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Program evaluation
  • Continuous improvement