ABE empowers teachers to bring biotechnology to their classrooms.

Curriculum & Resources

Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) offers many types of curricula and resources.

Lab-based Investigations

Students to learn about core technologies used by scientists in the discovery of human therapeutics, so that they will better understand the role of biotechnology and the potential impact of this industry on our future.   > LEARN MORE

ABE Is Effective

Studies have shown that students exposed to ABE have increased interest and confidence in science and biotechnology.


Students made a significant and substantial gain in biotech learning.


Teachers reported greater interest, knowledge, and skills from their ABE training.


56% of participating ABE schools in U.S. serving low SES students.

ABE’s Global Reach

ABE currently has 25 program sites across 13 countries. Globally, the program has impacted more than 900,000 students to date.

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