ABE Volunteer Program


In 2018, the ABE Volunteer Program was launched in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since that time, it has expanded to 10 Amgen and ABE locations in four countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United States (Greater Los Angeles, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, San Francisco, and Tampa). Our hope is to ultimately expand this program to all interested ABE program sites worldwide.

The program offers opportunities to Amgen staff in these locations to volunteer through visits to ABE classrooms, as members of panels to discuss their careers in biotech, and as advisors to our Master Teacher Fellows.

Amgen volunteer at classroom visit

Amgen's Raul Lazaro visits an ABE Greater Los Angeles classroom to talk about his career in biotech


Program Goals

The volunteer program makes a positive difference in the world by aiming to reach the following goals:

  • ABE students gain access to a diverse set of role models for a range of biotech careers, real-world context for science content in the classroom, and opportunities to develop scientific literacy related to authentic biotech applications
  • ABE teachers gain supports and resources that reduce barriers to student participation in biotech 
  • Amgen staff increase their awareness of ABE and its local, regional, and global impact 

Learn more about the program’s volunteer options through these blog posts and career profiles:


How to Volunteer

Amgen Employees

If you work at Amgen in any capacity in the locations noted above, click below to learn more and sign up to participate. 

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Not from Amgen but Want to Volunteer?

If you are a professional from an organization other than Amgen and you would like to volunteer to share your career story through classroom visits with ABE students, please contact the ABE program site closest to you.



“It's such an energizing and inspiring experience to be able to share my career trajectory and have a chance to talk to teachers and students! And I am amazed at the level of sophistication these students exhibit when discussing their research projects! It's humbling in a very nice way and kindles a sense of optimism about the next generation!” 

– Amgen Volunteer, Amgen Thousand Oaks 


“I liked how [the volunteer] was able to answer questions on a broad spectrum. She was very open to answer any question we had whether it was about school or her job, or even our future career.”  

— Student, ABE Massachusetts

“The use of the PCR and gel electrophoresis simulation was a huge help in students visualizing this concept.  It was also really wonderful for students to hear about an educational pathway that included community college and has produced a rewarding and well paid career path.”

— Teacher, ABE Washington DC Metro Area