ABE Master Teacher Fellowship

Image to teachersThe ABE Master Teacher Fellowship is an annual stipended professional experience in which up to 12 exceptional ABE teachers are recognized and provided with opportunities to develop their own expertise and contribute to the ABE community via LabXchange and other resources. With support from the Program Office and an Amgen curriculum advisor, Fellows will explore a topic of personal interest in the biosciences and develop a curriculum project and corresponding classroom resources using LabXchange. ABE Master Teacher Fellows will have the option to become advisors contributing to the development and depth of the ABE program.

Who Is Eligible?

Any teacher who has been teaching ABE for 3+ years at a program site that has been established for at least 3 years. (Check with your ABE program site if you are not sure whether your site is eligible.) Teachers with fewer years of experience teaching ABE may be eligible if they have additional unique and/or relevant qualifications. The Amgen Foundation and ABE Program Office will prioritize supporting teachers who are focused on expanding opportunities for students from underresourced communities.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Community: Fellows become part of an international cadre of experienced, knowledgeable educators who connect and collaborate (both face-to-face and virtually) with other Fellows.
  • Innovation: Fellows learn from the LabXchange team at Harvard University how to integrate high-quality online resources and develop classroom materials of their own that support and extend ABE.
  • Technical Curriculum Advisement: Fellows will have access to curriculum advisors from Amgen staff and the ABE international network, supporting their own research and exploration of a bioscience topic of their choice.
  • Leadership: Fellows will serve as program ambassadors for other teachers, providing peer advice and guidance on how to teach ABE while engaging students and connecting them with real-world, real-time applications for ABE content and skills.

What Is the Time Commitment?

Fellows will be asked to dedicate 6–10 hours per month toward fellowship activities and meetings. Fellows' time will be compensated through a stipend of $2,000, paid out over three time points—one at the commencement of the Fellowship, mid-Year, and a final payment at the conclusion.

What are the Criteria?

Nominated teachers should be able to demonstrate tangible contributions to student learning and the ABE program, effective leadership skills, strong communication skills (in one or more media),* a specific interest in at least one bioscience topic that would deepen and extend ABE, and explicit support for their participation from their school, district, and program site.

*Meetings are conducted in English, and limited translation resources are available. Proficiency in English is encouraged.

When and How Can I Apply?

Program sites will share specific time commitments and application materials with interested teachers yearly, in September.