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Gregory's Lizard Lost Its Tail: The Genes of the Regenerating Tail

The Genes of the Regenerating Tail Cover

In this project, students, acting as young explorers and researchers, step into a virtual world and help young Gregory in his search for one specific gene that might play a role in tail regeneration of lizards. They hunt DNA samples of different lizards in the jungle, and back in the virtual lab, they extract DNA, run a PCR, and do more techniques until they can come to a conclusion whether the gene plays a role in tail regeneration. 

These materials were developed by ABE Master Teacher Fellow Mark Schaeffer of ABE The Netherlands as part of the ABE Master Teacher Fellowship.

Resource Type
Teaching Materials
Appropriate Ages
Lower Secondary
Upper Secondary
Resource Topic
Biotech & Environment
Gene Editing
Gene Sequencing
Resource Author
Mark Schaeffer, ABE The Netherlands