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Innovative Cancer Treatments


This lesson aims to engage and deepen students’ experiences and expertise in the field of “Cancer Cells” and “Innovative Therapies for recurring or difficult-to-treat cancers,” and in particular about those which work by harnessing the power of the immune system, called "immunotherapy."

The project is intended to benefit from the Amgen oncology platform and to focus, in particular, on two of several immunotherapies for cancer treatment: CAR T-cells and BiTE immuno-technology. Students will review basic concepts about the immune system (main cells and molecule involved and their interrelation), will learn basic information about known and emerging hallmarks of cancer cells, and will explore the fundamentals of immunotherapy, in particular, the concept of "teaching" the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells, focusing on CAR T-cell and BiTE technology.

These materials were developed by ABE Master Teacher Fellow Paola Travascio of ABE Italy as part of the ABE Master Teacher Fellowship.

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Resource Type
Teaching Materials
Appropriate Ages
Upper Secondary
Resource Topic
Biotech & Medicine
Human Disease
Biotech & Society
Resource Author
Paola Travascio, ABE Italy