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Synthetic Biology


In this lesson, students learn research and learn the underlying concepts of Synthetic Biology, learn how to apply engineering design process to create systems of devices composed of parts of DNA, learn to depict their genetic circuit using logic devices, choose an appropriate chassis, and predict the functional output of the system from which they can create a mathematical model.

Students will research the current applications and bioethics of Synthetic Biology, and choose a current authentic global issue or problem to address using Synthetic Biology principles and design. Students will create and present a Synthetic Biology Grant Proposal for their selected application to a panel of industry professionals.

These materials were developed by ABE Master Teacher Fellow Wendy Wooten of ABE Greater Los Angeles Area as part of the ABE Master Teacher Fellowship.

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Resource Type
Teaching Materials
Appropriate Ages
Upper Secondary
Resource Topic
Biotech & Society
Data Science
Lab Techniques
Resource Author
Wendy Wooten, ABE Greater Los Angeles Area