ABE Roundtable Meeting: Citizen Science and ABE


In the seventh installment of the ABE Teacher Roundtable series, our panelists discussed citizen science – projects that engage students in hands-on science with authentic data in their own communities. The panelists discussed the community benefits of citizen science; the challenges they have faced as well as successful strategies they have used to get students involved with real-world science projects; and examples of specific citizen science projects from their own classrooms. 

Gian Toyos, ABE Puerto Rico

Gian has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master's degree in Natural Resources Management. After working for 15 years as a wildlife biologist with marine mammals, Gian has spent the last 20 years teaching high school–level courses in the field of life sciences.

Lisa Yoneda, ABE San Diego

Lisa is a biology & biotechnology teacher at Mira Mesa High School. She created a Biotechnology Course that is now a 3-year pathway. Lisa is also the ScienceBridge Coordinator and facilitates both ABE teacher and student laboratory engagement and learning in the classroom.

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