ABE Roundtable Meeting: Culturally Sustaining Approaches to Teaching Precision Medicine


Join us for the fifth installment of the ABE Teacher Roundtable series. This month we discussed strategies ABE teachers can use to differentiate and adapt ABE curriculum for diverse learners. Our ABE teacher panelists, Dr. David Upegui and Tracy Serros, shared examples of when and why they have needed to adapt or differentiate the ABE labs or curriculum; strategies they use to make the content more accessible for diverse learners; and examples of specific activities from their classrooms.

Dr. David Upegui is a science teacher at Central Falls High School and an adjunct professor of education. He started, and runs, his school's Science Olympiad team and has contributed to several publications on science education and pedagogy. His 2020 Master Teacher Fellowship project focused on race as a social construct.

Tracy Serros is a life sciences teacher at Gilroy High School in Gilroy, California. She has a background in molecular biology and has been teaching ABE labs in Biotechnology classes since 2014. Her 2020 Master
Teacher Fellowship project focused on race and the variations in human DNA.

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