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JUST RELEASED! Online Curriculum: Responding to a Mystery Illness


The ABE PO is excited to announce our just-released curriculum module that explores the COVID-19 pandemic, Responding to a Mystery Illness. In this secondary school resource (ages 15+), students examine the outbreak from the point of view of an outbreak response team member. They investigate the origins of the outbreak, its spread across the globe, and how the pandemic might eventually be contained by the development of a vaccine. This module is the first of a number of short curriculum modules in development to help educators teach relevant, cutting edge biotechnology content virtually.

The module includes both student materials and a Teacher Guide. It is designed to engage students to be delivered virtually and can be used by individual students or by an entire class with suggestions for class discussions. The student materials are chock full of current news items and simulations, checks for understanding, and discussions questions. The Teacher Guide offers information to help educators support instruction, including discussion prompts, background resources, assessment opportunities, interdisciplinary connections, and more!

View Student Materials

View Teacher Guide 

NOTE: The Teacher Guide requires a password. Please contact with your name, school/organization, and location to obtain the password.