Technology for Online Learning


Technology for Online Learning

There are many ways to teach online and many technology solutions that make online teaching and learning possible. Your school may already have systems in place to allow you to teach online or you may have to develop your own solutions. Learn more about the technologies that are available for teaching online below.

Learning Management Systems

If your school has an online platform that is already in use, familiarize yourself with its functionality. Some of the most popular learning management systems (LMSs) are:

Online Learning Without an LMS

If your school doesn’t already use an LMS, you might be wondering how you can teach online. There are a number of free ways to share content with students that don’t require an LMS by simply sharing documents through a tool like Google G-suite or building your own website using a custom website builder. Custom website builders are a simple way to embed all of the content you want in one place—don’t be intimidated, these website builders are simple and intuitive. The following resources will help you use three popular methods:

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