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2023–24 ABE Master Teacher Fellows Announced

2023-24 MTF Global ABE collage

The ABE Program Office is excited to announce the fourth cohort of the Global ABE Master Teacher Fellowship. It was a highly competitive field of applicants from ABE sites globally. The Fellowship was designed to support the development of teachers who have a passion for ABE and biotechnology. Each Fellow will receive a stipend and targeted support for their own personal professional development. Fellows will meet monthly to collaborate and brainstorm on ABE pedagogy and experiences for their students.  

Fellows will have access to experts from Amgen staff and other STEM-focused organizations around the world and will set and reflect on their own goals for leadership. After the intensive 1-year program, Fellows will share their expertise and project with the ABE international community. Fellows will provide peer advice and guidance on how to teach ABE while engaging students and connecting them with real-world, real-time applications for ABE content and skills. 

This year’s Fellows represent a wide variety of ABE program sites: Australia, The Netherlands, and Italy.

Meet the 2023–24 Global ABE Master Teacher Fellows.


Welcome ABE Türkiye ABE Master Teacher Fellows
2023-24 MTF ABE Türkiye collage

In addition to the fourth global cohort, ABE Türkiye is launching its own pilot of the Fellowship program for local ABE teachers. This program will follow the programming and schedule of the Global ABE Master Teacher Fellowship and brings aboard six ABE Türkiye teachers.

Meet the 2023–24 ABE Türkiye Master Teacher Fellows.

In coming years, we hope to work with other ABE program sites to build and support similar programs so that the language barrier is not an obstacle to this exciting leadership opportunity.