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Now Available – Foundations of Biotech Extension: Gel Electrophoresis Troubleshooting


We are excited to announce the release of our latest Foundation of Biotech extension: Gel Electrophoresis Troubleshooting. In Foundations of Biotech, students use gel electrophoresis to verify ligation and proper insertion of a gene into a plasmid. However, some students have problems with their gels when using GelGreen: the larger DNA bands exhibit inconsistent migration through the gel. In this three-session extension lab, students develop their own experiments to explore why this inconsistent DNA migration happens and what can be done to correct it. Try out this new extension with your ABE students!

Students can also try our other Foundations of Biotech extension, Colony PCR, along with the rest of the Foundations of Biotech sequences on the main Foundations of Biotech page of our website.